5 Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Small Business

5 Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Small Business

All small businesses have at least one goal involving business growth, and the surest way to achieve that in modern times is through social media marketing services. It will definitely be worth your while to invest in social media marketing in Orlando, because your return has the potential to be enormous when using social media platforms extensively. WGNR is a digital marketing agency that provides top-notch social media management services in the Orlando area, and when you work with us, the sky is the limit as to what you’ll be able to achieve.

Building brand awareness 

Since well over half the population of the entire globe now uses social media platforms, it’s just natural to reach out to new potential customers using social media. A recent study showed that 83% of all Instagram users found new products on Instagram, which is important because it shows that social media users are constantly finding new brands to work with through their chosen social media platform. Many small businesses are able to achieve much greater brand awareness when they organize full-blown campaigns for that purpose, intending to reach new customers as well as existing customers.

Increase website traffic 

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is by making regular social media posts and advertisements. If you have some great content on your website or your blog, this should be shared through social channels, so that you can acquire as many new readers as possible. You can also use your platform news feed to promote new content or a new blog on your website, and provide a link to that content to make it easy for readers.

Boost sales 

You should consider your social media accounts as important components of your overall sales funnel, which is the process any new contact goes through before becoming a customer. With the number of people on social media growing constantly, the tools made available for social sales are likewise continuing to evolve and increase. That means social media networks are even more important to the processes of product searches and e-commerce. Now is definitely the time for you to align your social media marketing efforts with whatever goals and objectives you have regarding sales.

Generate more leads 

Social media provides a very easy way for potential customers to show some kind of interest in your business and in your products. Some social media networks even provide special advertising formats that are specifically intended to generate leads for companies. With just one or two clicks, users can be become followers of your company and its products and services. When that happens, it will be up to you to solidify the connection, and to convert those leads into paying customers. The cost of acquiring new leads through social media is minimal, compared to the sometimes extraordinary expense you would have to go through on other channels.

Going viral 

One of the really great things about using social media to promote your business is the potential for any post you make to literally go viral. Given the enormous numbers associated with social media platforms, it’ possible at any time to generate just the right type of content that triggers a domino effect among readers, and causes your post to be shared endlessly cross social media accounts. This can be especially advantageous, because when such content is shared among friends, it provides a kind of pre-screening that will tend to ensure the content gets read and not ignored by other social media users.

WGNR – experts in social media advertising 

When you take the plunge into social media marketing, you’ll want to know that you’re working with a top-flight company for social media advertising in Orlando, and that’s WGNR. We can harness the enormous power of social media for you, so as to vastly increase your online presence and your brand awareness with customers. Contact us at your convenience, so we can discuss how social media can be used to help you reach out to your target audience, and achieve a huge increase in conversions.

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