Add a Unique Sliding Barn Door With Hardware to Your Home

Add a Unique Sliding Barn Door With Hardware to Your Home

Sliding barn doors are a popular and attractive item to install in your home. They can really add personality to an otherwise humdrum area. To hang these trendy doors, you need new hardware for barn doors. Let’s take a look at what you will need to have.

Barn Door Hardware

The right barn door hardware is a major ingredient to the success of your installation. You’ll use it to hang and open your door, so you must get the right piece. The three most common types are rollers, hinges, and rails, but there are plenty more options if those don’t suit your needs. It all comes down to what works for you and what looks good with your project.


Roller systems are a great way to hang your barn door without having to drill into the wall. It is especially great if you’re hanging doors on concrete walls or want to change your door’s direction regularly.

Roller hardware typically comes in three styles: the classic one-wheel, two-wheel, and adjustable roller. The one-wheel system has a single installed wheel with a built-in track, much like a shower curtain rod. Two-wheel systems have two wheels installed sideways, with one way on each side of the door. Finally, there’s an adjustable model that allows for any height track and adjustments in both directions and left or right turns.


The classic hinge is one of the easiest types of hardware to use, and it’s been around forever, so you know it’s not going anywhere. These hinges come in many different sizes and finishes to find the perfect one for your design. These hinges are typically installed on both sides of the door, with each hinge consisting of two parts: a box arm and a mounting plate. They’re very simple to install and easy to adjust as well, making them a great option for all skill levels.

This style is also easily reversible if you’re looking for an easy way to turn your door from left to right instead of switching out which side the door opens on. New hardware for barn doors can be found online or at your local hardware store.

Racks and barn doors are often used in a very similar manner. Frames hang items such as garden tools or bicycles for storage, while the barn door is used to slide things back and forth. Since racks tend to be shorter than barn doors, they are typically mounted closer to the wall rather than hanging free.

As with a front door, you’ll want your rack to be spacious enough to hold many of your garden tools or bikes but not so large that it draws too much attention from passersby.


Rails may look like hinges, but they have a distinct advantage over their counterparts. Fences are typically made of metal and are put in place to stabilize the door itself, much like how you’d use brackets when hanging a picture. As opposed to hinges that only connect to the top of your door, rails stretch across the entire length of it, making it look much more professional and sleek.

Another great thing about fences is that they’re easy to install and can be configured in any direction you desire. It means if you’re short on space in which to mount your door, you can turn it sideways or even upside down and still get all the same benefits from this type of hardware. If you’re wondering whether to use a rail or the cheaper hinge option, it’s probably best to go with the latter. Your door will be easier to open and close and won’t be as noticeable, so you’ll save yourself some extra work down the road and get better results from your installation.

Hate the thought of drilling into your walls to add a new barn door? There’s an alternative method that’s just as effective and only takes a few minutes.

All you need is a wire hanger. First, you’ll want to cut off about one foot’s worth of the hanger so that you have the hook end only. Then take a pair of pliers and pinch the hook end evenly in two places across its length. It will create three points where you can bend the hook to form a triangle shape on top of your door. Next, lift one side or corner of your door and insert it into the triangle groove on top of your door. It will hold the door and help you easily swing it open and close.

Adding a unique sliding barn door to your home will give you a new look. They are versatile and come in many different styles. Check one out for your home today.

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