Couch Removal: How to Dismantle a Couch

Couch Removal: How to Dismantle a Couch

Planning to renovate your house and get rid of all the junk? Let me first tell you that the appliance and the other junk would be easier to get rid of. You would probably only struggle with the damaged couch most. It is because the couch is huge and heavy, therefore, it won’t be easy to dismantle.

However, if you already know how to dismantle the couch, the job would get easier. You probably do not even need help and end up saving a lot of money as well. Want to know how to take apart the couch? Here’s the step-by-step guide, read the guide and follow along for easy couch dismantling;

  • Have all the necessary tools
  • Begin by putting aside all the cushions
  • Shift your focus to the mattress
  • Remove the upholstery
  • Undo the legs, break the frame, and you are done!

Have all the necessary tools

It’s important to know that to remove a couch easily, you first have to take off the maximum amount of burden from the couch. Therefore, you would need a screwdriver, allen wrench, box cutter, staple puller, handsaw, and a hammer with a claw to remove the nails with ease. Arrange all the tools and bring them to the site of operation.

Begin by putting aside all the cushions

Once you have all the necessary tools, do not delay any further and begin by removing all the cushions. Now the couches usually have two types of cushions; loose or fixed. If your couch has loose cushions, just put them aside. However, if the cushions are fixed, forget about them. You have to do them when you are ready to remove the upholstery.

Shift your focus to the mattress

The mattress is one of the few things that makes the couch dismantling harder. Since you are going to get rid of it anyway, there is no need to be gentle to the couch. Pull the bed away from the couch and take off the couch. Getting rid of the mattress from the arms would be a bit tougher, you might have to unscrew the metal frame with a screwdriver to get rid of the mattress.

Remove the upholstery

As soon as the mattress is removed, take no time in preparing to remove the upholstery. Almost all couches’ upholstery is fastened by staples. So, to remove that you have to take off the staples first. Do not pull the staple off with your hands as it can hurt your hands. What you need to do instead is pull them off with the staple puller. This would be the most tiring part of dismantling the couch, however, you have to do it.

Undo the legs, break the frame, and you are done!

As soon as the upholstery is unstapled and removed to perfection, undo the legs using a screwdriver and cut down the frame using a saw. Now that all the pieces of the couch are separated, you can just load them in the dumpster and dispose of. There, the couch that gave you a “really” bad headache is gone.

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