Customized and Stylized coiled Snake 

Customized and Stylized coiled Snake 

Customized and Stylized coiled Snake 

Customized and Stylized coiled Snake 

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Dainty pendant

This dainty Snake Necklace Pendant is made of gold, and it is shaped like a stylized coiled snake. The rear of the snake and the rising coils are delineated by continuous lines of dots, which creates a surface that is quite tactile. The pendant is centered on an enlarged representation of the head of the snake, which has two huge eyes in the shape of circles that have been cut in half.

Two groups of snake shape ring three little protrusions on either side of the snake mirror the loops and provide a feeling of rhythm and symmetry. These loops would have been used to hang the necklace from a thread that was wrapped around the wearer’s neck.

Personal adornment sterling silver snake ring in gold, such as this pendant, often hold a special status as part of a matrilineal family’s sacred inheritance. The peoples of Serpent Bracelet are known for their matrilineal family structure.

A necklace such as this one could have been worn around the neck on special occasions or arranged outside the home during ceremonies and festivals so that other members of the community could take notice of them and admire them. Figural forms that are displayed on such ornaments frequently make reference to proverbs and hold symbolic value. 

Serpent Bracelet sterling silver is used to craft this necklace for men. The necklace’s brass bottle opener length can be adjusted anywhere from 45 to 50 centimeters.

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