Earn more points in fishing games? Master the skills and strategies of the fishing machine

Earn more points in fishing games? Master the skills and strategies of the fishing machine

Playing fishing games is different from other gambling or entertainment games, which have more betting methods or complicated ways to play. But in fishing games, you can earn gold coins as long as you catch fish, and the gameplay is very simple. But as the saying goes, it’s easy to learn but hard to master. How can you improve your chances of winning or what are the skills of fishing games? If you don’t know much and want to enjoy the fun of fishing games, just take a look at the summary here. Some skills and strategies! In addition, you can also go to the Philippine game platform, jilibet online casino. Not only does it provide a wealth of fishing games, but you can also play many well-known slot games here.

Basic Gameplay

Each fishing game that can accommodate 6 to 8 people in the original game only needs to catch more fish to earn more gold coins. After improvement and interpretation, now using different “cannonballs” to attack different types of fish will give corresponding rewards. Therefore, the shooting angle of the fish and the weapons used will change according to the type of fish, such as selecting the number or multiple of each shell, etc. These changes greatly increase the fun and difficulty of the game.

Fishing machine crack – fishing game cycle

The fishing game is divided into three cycles, “Eat point”, “Spit point”, and “Leisure”.

Eat point

Eat point refers to the time when the machine is eating points for it to gain the upper hand. Although there will still be schools of fish passing by, it is not easy to hit the schools of fish. In this cycle, you can choose to use low-cost small cannons to fish to reduce losses; or wait for the end of the eat point.

Spit point

Spit points are earned by the machine for players to spit out points, that is, a period when players estimate the upper hand and the pumping rate is greatly improved. At this time, it is very easy to hit the fish, even the fish or big fish that are usually difficult to hit. much weaker. Therefore, players can use higher-level shells to attack the fish, and grasp the opportunity to hit some rarer fish.


In addition to the player having the upper hand or the machine having the upper hand, the machine will also keep everyone in a state of balance, that is, not allowing the player to make too much money, but also not making the player lose too much gold, so as to balance the player and the machine. Win or lose.

Fishing machine skills

In addition to paying attention to the above three cycles to increase the gold coins that can be earned and the winning rate, you can also use the following techniques to be analyzed to seize the opportunity to hit more fish, earn more gold coins, and become a master fishing master.

Practice feel

In order to recover the thrill of attacking fish, many novice players kept firing bullets in the direction of the fish. As a result, they did not hit the target accurately, and they could not earn much gold after the points were consumed. Therefore, it is recommended here that players start to practice the feel of ordinary cannons with low cost, and then gradually upgrade the turrets and use larger cannons to attack big fish after they are gradually familiar with the feel and mentality of hitting fish.

This kind of situation is often encountered in the game, that is, the fish you want to hit is not hit and is blocked by the nearby fish, so you must pay attention to the position of the surrounding fish.

Timely replacement of shells saves costs

If you see small fish, you can use cheap cannons (1x shells) to attack them to control and save costs; but when the number of small fish is very large, you can replace the cannons to increase the chance of hitting. On the contrary, when the big fish comes, you need to replace the shells by 2 to 3 times, otherwise it will only waste the cost and will not kill the big fish.

But it must be noted that if you can’t kill the big fish, don’t chase and waste the shells. We can turn the target to other small fish. As long as the number of ordinary shells fired reaches a certain level, we can store enough energy to use the energy. gun. At this time, you can attack some big fish that are usually difficult to kill, such as “Golden Cicada” or “Green Toad”.

In addition to watching the type and number of fish, it is also necessary to pay attention to the cycle of the machine. Before the arrival of spit point or waves, the difficulty of attacking fish will be greatly increased. At this time, you can use small cannons to slowly fish to reserve points. Until the player finds that the fish is easier to hit, they can start to use the cannon to launch a fierce attack until they find that the difficulty of fishing has increased again.

Take the opportunity to take down the fish

There are some fish that swim very slowly and are relatively close to the fort, such as manta rays, turtles, lantern fish, etc. As long as you adjust the angle to attack them, you can hit a hundred hits, which is regarded as a fish that the machine gives the player.

Organ-style chasing fast fish

On the contrary, if the player encounters some fast-moving fish, they can use a series of small and medium cannons to frantically shoot them, and at the same time take tracking shots, which can greatly increase the chance of hitting.

Seize the time to catch big fish

There are some hard-to-catch fish such as the giant beetle that will swim near the fort. Since the hit rate is very low, it is estimated that you should try not to waste artillery shells. Conversely, see a shark appear and use increased fire to follow and shoot it.

In addition, this article mentioned the 3 cycles of the fishing machine above. If the machine is at the eat point, the player will definitely not kill the big fish by attacking it, thus wasting a lot of points. As long as the player waits until the dead top, and then uses 1000 cannons to attack the big fish, it will die.

Fishing Game Tips

Don’t let the waves come

On average, a wave appears every 5 minutes. And when the wave sign appears, all the fish on the screen are washed away. Then, a new school of fish will begin to appear in the middle. At this time, the player must immediately adjust the shells and their firepower, and frantically attack the fish that appear. Because all the fish brought by the waves are reward fish, the hit rate is very high, which is the mechanism and setting that allows players to earn more points.

Understand the weaknesses of fish

When many players just started to play the fish machine game, they just randomly attacked the fish. But in fact, different fish have different weaknesses, players should make good use of bullets and find the weaknesses of various fish. Taking sharks as an example, sharks need to hit the gills or the front and rear fins to hit easily, and hit as high as possible; on the contrary, its head, tail and body are difficult to hit. The weak point of the lantern fish is also the gills, but the head and tail are more difficult to hit. Contrary to the first two types of fish, the feet and tail are the weak points of the tortoise, and it needs to be hit from its side and behind, while the head and shell are its hard parts.

Alternate play of big and small fish

It is recommended that players take turns to attack 2 big fish and 1 small fish, such as attacking the first big fish for 3 to 5 seconds in a row, then switch to another big fish, and then occasionally attack other small fish. The purpose is to attack 2 big fish in one time and get a higher score, and during this period, attack some small fish in exchange for points and bullets, so as to ensure that you have enough bullets to continue to attack the small fish.

Fishing machine strategy – small strategies to win money

In addition to training the skills of attacking different fish, we also hope that players can pay attention to the following small strategies to make everyone have more fun and earn more money.

Stable state of mind

Although playing fishing games is a game that can make money, the game is always entertaining. Players need to relax their minds and not become too excited because of winning or losing. When people are too excited, they will blindly attack the fish, forget all the skills and apply different strategies rationally, which will greatly reduce the winning rate. therefore

Control time

Because you need to consider different things when playing the fish machine, such as what kind of shells you need to shoot, the size of the fish, the weaknesses of different fish, the location of the fish, the cycle of the fish machine, and so on. Therefore, it is recommended that players control the playing time to 3 to 4 hours a day. More than 4 hours of thinking time will make people’s thinking slow, which will greatly reduce the winning rate. Therefore, it is very important to control the time of playing the fishing machine and ensure that your mental state is good.

The most important thing is to suggest that everyone rely on their own strength and luck to maintain a stable attitude to enjoy the fun that the jilibet fishing game brings to everyone, which is the best way to win!

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