How To Buy Wine Fridge UK: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Buy Wine Fridge UK: A Comprehensive Guide

When you make up your mind to buy an electric home appliance, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to choose the perfect one. The same goes with the wine fridge since they come with plenty of features, designs and other options. Thus, you require a complete guide to buy wine fridge UK. Through this information, you will get all the tips even about distinctions between a built-in wine cooler and freestanding wine cooler. 

Need to Buy Wine Fridge Over the Standard Refrigerator

The major reason behind buying wine fridges is that they are designed especially for wines, and their features help in maintaining the natural flavour and aroma of the wines. It’s worth noting that these are developed for various wine conditions. Although standard refrigerators can perform the same duty and keep the wine bottles cool, the conditions in them are different. Standard fridges are cooler and frequently open for daily use. Also, they get a lot of vibration due to the compressor. Hence, these are not appropriate for storing wine. 

Wine Storage Essentials 

In order to buy a wine cooler fridge, you should know the basics of it. If you know all the conditions and features of the wine fridge, it will be quite helpful in making a decision. Also, it will be easier to compare the colours and variants of the fridges. 

  1. Light: One of the significant advantages of the wine cooler fridge is that it protects the wine bottles from direct light, whether it’s from the sun or fluorescent bulbs. The light beams can harm the aroma and taste of the wine, and the wine fridge keeps them safe. 
  1. Vibration: Many people don’t know about it; however, it is an important factor. If the wine bottle is stored in a place where is continuous movement or vibration, it will affect the quality of the wine. 
  1. Storing Temperature: Good storage depends on the various components, and temperature is one among them. It is required that the wine is stored in stable cooling to avoid the effects of warmth. 
  1. Humidity: Apart from the hot weather, humidity also acts as a detrimental element for the wine. Humidity can enlarge the cork and help in passing air in the bottle, which can lead to oxidation. Any wine-lover can understand that oxidation harms the taste and colour of the wine. 
Built-In Wine CoolerFree Standing Wine Cooler
Built-In wine cooler can take place in any free cabinet in your kitchen or under the counter.A freestanding wine cooler occupies space wherever you place it.
This type of wine cooler can be customised as per the availability of space.These are the readymade models and cannot be customised. 
These are expensive and require professionals for the instalment.These are affordable as compared to built-in wine cooler and hardly need professional assistance.

Features To Consider While Buying Wine Fridge UK

  • Single and Dual-Zone: In order to buy a wine cooler, you need to check whether it’s a single-zone or dual-zone fridge. Single-zone means it provides a single type temperature, while the dual-zone means different temperatures for various types of wines. 
  • Energy Efficiency: It is important to know whether the wine cooler comes with an energy efficiency feature or not. Some brands offer modern wine fridges with a design that provides insulation and requires less need for extra cooling. 
  • Free-Standing or Built-in: It’s another vital thing to decide whether you need a free-standing or built-in wine cooler. You should keep in mind the place and budget you have. 
  • Appropriate Shelves:  It’s worth mentioning that you properly check whether the wine cooler has the correct shelves according to your requirement. Also, if the fridge has separate shelves or combined for all bottles. 

To sum it up, information related to the buying process of the wine fridge UK is mentioned here. It needs to be noted that both come with their own perks. You need to take a look and understand the elements before bringing the wine cooler fridge home. 

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