How to work with a cleaning company

How to work with a cleaning company

When you want to clean your house, the best thing that you can do is to hire a cleaning service NYC. It is obviously a better choice to consider instead of cleaning on your own. However, you should also be aware of how to get the most out of money that you are spending on your cleaning company. This is why we thought of sharing few tips with you on how to work with your cleaning company to get most returns out of your investment.

  • Pre-clean your house

Spend 10 to 15 minutes before tidying up toys, clothing, and other items. Pre-cleaning is crucial before you hire a cleaning service NYC. Cleaning and arranging are completely unrelated activities. Cleaning includes scrubbing, washing, mopping, and disinfecting. Cleaning and organizing go hand in hand. Being really honest, the crew becomes frustrated once they have to waste 30 minutes trying to pick up toys or washing a lot of dishes, and this will show in the remainder of the cleaning. They constantly like cleanliness.

  • Be friendly and supportive

Anyone who has ever worked inside the service sector can testify to how far a little common courtesy can go. Being a model, customer might inspire your home cleaning business to go beyond and above when required. Being a quality client not only makes it more fun to work for and with individuals you respect. In the end, you want to establish a positive rapport with your cleaners.

It should go without saying that cleaners are not hired se     rvants. By being accessible to respond to their inquiries and giving them the knowledge, they want to execute their tasks properly, you may demonstrate your regard for them. Some individuals also fail to remember that housekeepers are not handymen. Asking them to clean out your attic or do house repairs puts them in a difficult situation and may damage your relationship.

So, what can you do to leave your cleaners with a positive first impression? Allow children to help themselves from the refrigerator when they want to rehydrate by leaving cold bottles of water or iced tea there. Offer them a quick snack if you are home or put one on the table with a note urging them to eat it when they have a break.

  • Provide special instructions for pets

Inform the home cleaning services in advance if you have any pets. You don’t want your dog to surprise your cleaners at work (or vice versa). Additionally, by informing the home cleaning service in advance about your pets, you can be confident that they will bring any specialized equipment needed to handle pet- and fur-related problems.

Tell the cleaners from HomeCleanNYC how many and what kind of pets you have, as well as whether or not they will be caged, and whether or if there are any particular guidelines for how to engage with them. Dogs should ideally be contained in a room or properly crated to prevent encroachment. Cats may be allowed to wander the home if the cleaners are on board; otherwise, put them in a different bedroom with the food as well as litter box.

Final words

When the cleaners first come, be kind and show them around, but after that, let them to get to work. A much of small talk will cut into the cleaning time, but they have to know which areas to concentrate on and where the additional cleaning supplies are.

Avoid interfering but be willing to respond to inquiries. Try to spend the most of your time in an area that needs just minor cleaning or isn’t being used by them. Then you can get the most out of your cleaning service NYC.

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