International SEO: Steps to optimize your website for a global audience

International SEO: Steps to optimize your website for a global audience

Search Engine Optimization is important for your brand to enter the first page of Google search results. But what happens if you want to go ahead of your local markets? With Google, you can get over 3.5 billion searches daily. But, the only condition is that the existing SEO practices should be efficient enough to give you desired results.

If your existing SEO practices are not robust, you may damage your brand in other nations. To avoid this problem, you should adopt an international SEO strategy for it.

An international SEO strategy involves a list of policies, processes and practices used by your brand for optimized search results should be used keeping other countries in mind. The idea is to make it simpler for search engines to know where your business operations are situated and the language you offer.

Importance of international SEO service for your company’s website

International SEO service for your website helps to create content applicable to local markets and develop a simple website structure for search engines to find and present the right web pages to the desired users at the perfect time.

Consider a company selling doors and windows in the US that wants to enter the Canadian market. First and foremost, they should ensure the Canadian customers enter the right page on their website and all the information, shipping details, and costs are as per Canada.

You should have a website structure with both the United States and Canadian pages using metadata that search requests from the user will direct them as per their current location.

Best International SEO Practices

Regardless of what model you adopt for international SEO, country-centred or language-based, outsourcing or in-house, here are some best practices for international SEO:

  1. Answer the queries in the regional language, keeping the context in mind

One thing to keep in mind with international SEO is ensuring you’re speaking the same language as your target. It means you need to do proper research and answer all their questions in the native language.

  1. Translate the current content cautiously

Though translation tools offer a literal conversion nowadays, they are not done in how locals talk, meaning the visitor may realize something is not very right. Hence, rather than going for translation, choose trans-creation. Recreate the same content according to their language and culture.

  1. Make the user experience a part of your strategy

International SEO is not just about using content and keyword. It is about ensuring to entice users and give them a good experience- from filling out contact forms to checking prices in local currency and using assets like native speakers; try to keep everything aligned.

  1. Do not redirect users depending on their IP address

While it is essential to offer content depending on the needs of local users, you shouldn’t decide for them. Rather than redirecting them automatically depending on their IP address, allow them to choose their country.

You can improve your SEO strategy by choosing a suitable international SEO service for your website. By using the best practices, they aim to enhance your search engine results and boost your global impact.

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