Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency – Marketing Solutions that Work

Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency – Marketing Solutions that Work

Plastic surgery is a practice in vogue. According to data from The Aesthetic Society, 2021 witnessed collective spending of over $14.6 billion on aesthetic surgical procedures in the United States. On average, a plastic surgeon performed 320 surgeries in that year.

There is sufficient evidence that these numbers will only increase in the following years. It gives you the perfect opportunity to expand your plastic surgery practice and make high profits. The best way to advance your business is by collaborating with a plastic surgery marketing agency such as PilotPractice, which has all the right tools and expertise to build a perfect promotional strategy for your healthcare practice.

You must note that only having a marketing strategy is insufficient to advance your practice. You need to adopt innovative medical marketing solutions that have proven effective.

Marketing Solutions for Best Results

Utilize the Full Potential of your Website 

Your website is the primary source of all information about your plastic surgery practice and is the most impressionable element of your online marketing and promotions.

A medical website should have the right balance of aesthetics, information, and functionality. The best way to provide an enhanced patient experience is by making your website simple and easy to navigate. It should have sufficient content without overwhelming the viewer. It is suggested to follow a neutral or natural color palette with a straight font as it is calming on the eyes, and as a medical practitioner, you would want to always keep your patient at ease. It is valid for your promotions as well.

It would be best to focus on making your procedures and treatments adequately visible on your website. Arrange the services based on your target audience and profitability. All the content should be created with the appropriate medical SEO and correct usage of keywords.

Social Media Marketing and Optimization

If your website is the vehicle, social media is the tires that cause it to run. Social media is the leading source of traffic and bringing attention to your healthcare practice. It is an indispensable tool for lead generation.

A powerful social media marketing strategy utilizes different media forms and unique content to entice viewers to visit your website. Such a strategy should be consistent, interactive, captivating, and promote brand awareness and continuity.

A plastic surgery marketing agency will assist you in routinely building and maintaining your social media profiles. Instagram is the most incredible fit for plastic surgeons because of its popularity amongst potential clients and the target audience, as well as the aesthetic appeal of cosmetic surgery. Tiktok has also emerged as a black horse in increasing patient aquisition rates in the United States. The highest level of visibility can be attained using social media platforms.

Robust Healthcare Content Marketing

The greater you educate your audience, the more likely they are to choose your services. Inform your audience about your practice and procedures through detailed blog posts, case studies, FAQs, guides, and ebooks. A blog that performs well on google can generate up to, sometimes even more than, 50% of organic traffic to the website. However, you need to make sure that the content is posted consistently and is relevant, data-driven, and fact-based.

Spice it up with adequate images, illustrations, diagrams, gifs, and videos about your practice, patient experiences, and physician reviews. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular too, and a weekly podcast on your social media platforms can spread the word efficiently.

Positive Online Reputation

Nine out of every ten people select the practice with the highest reviews. A medical procedure is not something where a patient can apply the “trial and error” concept. It is a decision made thoughtfully. It is inherent that a prospective patient will do thorough research about which plastic surgeon to get treated from.

The decision can be overwhelming for some, be it plastic surgery or a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Providing social proof through testimonials and client reviews can help influence potential clients to choose your services. Your medical practice’s online reputation can significantly affect your lead generation and conversion rates.

Email Marketing Outreach

Have you lost previous clients because of a lack of effective communication, or have they lost interest over time? Email marketing can be the best tool at your disposal to bring back those clients. Not only can you retarget old patients, but you can also reach a new audience you may have visited your website or social media platforms and shown interest.

Email marketing is the most effective if you use it properly. Be consistent with your approach, create educative emails, and find the right balance between information and aesthetics. Share your latest blog posts, promotional content, and practice-related news.

Weekly or bimonthly newsletters can help your patients or prospective clients stay in the loop. You should not forgo these just because they are paid content. Instead, you should try to make newsletters more attractive and get as many clients subscribed to them as possible.

Procedure-based Content

Since plastic surgery involves clearly visible procedures with timely results, prospective patients like to see “proofs” of your experience and expertise. Suppose you provide procedure-based content on your website or social media platforms that the patients can relate to, such as before and after pictures of your most popular procedures. In that case, you are more likely to convert those prospects into actual patients.

If your patient consents, you can even record and share videos of the surgical procedure (make sure to give a trigger warning for needles and blood!) to show your clients how expertly you can perform. A simple video of cleanly done botox or fillers can bring you, multiple patients.

Regular Website Analytics

Tracking the performance of your content and social media marketing is crucial to understanding how well your marketing strategies are doing. Data and analytics will inform you of your progress or lack thereof if your methods have been ineffective.

You can reanalyze and redesign your marketing solutions based on the analytics reports. Target and reinvest your efforts in tools and strategies that have proven to be successful.

You may also want your plastic surgery marketing agency to use online tools such as Crazy Egg for heat maps and HubSpot’s website grading tool to evaluate your website’s performance. You can improve for the better only when you know your shortcomings.

Ads Promotion

Google Ads and social media Ads promoted on Facebook and Instagram have gradually become some of the most sought-after marketing tools today. They are easy, effective, and

give you guaranteed results. Though it is a highly competitive space and can be expensive, it provides you assured outreach and helps promote your medical practice to a larger audience.

Targeting potential clients near your location is simple with Search Ads and Facebook Ads Manager, as they are based on search algorithms.

New methods will come and go; your success will depend on how intelligently you utilize them. Optimally using the tools at your fingertips is the best marketing solution. Take note of the solutions given here and base your promotional strategy on the one that fits your healthcare practice the best.

With a marketing agency like PilotPractice that prioritizes lead generation and conversion into patients through a targeted approach, data-driven content, and aesthetically appealing content, you can be assured that you have all the right marketing solutions working for your success. We understand your needs to grow your practice.

Build a new marketing blueprint for your medical practice with us, a leading plastic surgery marketing agency in USA. We will also assist you in remodeling and reinventing your existing game plan.

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