Ranking the top 10 college football Rivalries

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The top 10 college football rivalries presently playing and those we’d want to see resumes are listed below.

10. Army-Navy

Army-Navy is a college football rivalry. These two teams are the only military academies in the NCAA’s Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, which means that the games are generally a spirited affair. Army and Navy’s football rivalry is one of the oldest and most famous rivalries in American sports history. It is, to date, one of only three games to share a name with a charity benefitting our nation’s military forces.

9. Alabama-Auburn

The Alabama-Auburn matchup is one of the most storied rivalries in college football, and it stands out as a truly special game for both fan bases. The first game was played in 1893, nine years before the University of Alabama fielded its first team. When you think of big games in college football, this is usually one that pops up atop your list. In total, there have been 119 games with Alabama winning 54 and Auburn winning 62 times.

8. Miami-Florida State

Miami-Florida State is one of the most popular rivalries in college football. The first game between these two schools was played in 1951 and the teams have met for more than 50 times. Miami leads their rivalry with a 24-20-2 record. Miami and Florida State are two powerhouse football programs that meet every year, often with far reaching implications on the national stage. Their first game ever was played in 1951, and they have competed over 50 times since then. Miami has managed to beat Florida State, 24-20-2 throughout all their meetings to date and is favored to do so again this year on October 27th when they meet on the gridiron once again at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, FL. There are other rivalries that are just as exciting as Miam.

7. Oklahoma-Texas

Every year, these two colleges fight for the colors of the Red River. The Oklahoma-Texas rivalry is one of the most intense in NCAA football. It’s a classic game that starts with a brawl. The Sooner Schooner travels to Dallas every year and never leaves without a victory. In recent years, Oklahoma has been dominating this game by piling up points on Texas and leading most of the time.

6.USC-Notre Dame

In the first quarter of USC’s game against Notre Dame, USC’s quarterback Sam Darnold had to leave the game due to a possible foot injury. UCLA and USC are fierce rivals and as an older brother, UCLA has always looked out for its younger sibling. As an older brother, UCLA was never able to beat USC in football but they were able to defeat them in men’s basketball. The Bruins defeated the Trojans in the 1939 NCAA championship game by a score of 43-40, making it the only title won by a Los Angeles school. On November 28th 1939, UCLA upset then-No. 1 ranked USC 40-0 for their 3rd straight win over their rival that year. Introduction is more factual than opinionated and would be appropriate for an informational

5. Georgia-Florida

The University of Georgia and the University of Florida are two of the most successful college football teams in the NCAA. With a combined 17 national championships, these two schools have been known for their fierce rivalry. The short history of this rivalry dates back to 1915 when both schools joined the Southern Conference. The Gators were a powerhouse team and won 3 conference titles in four years, but it wasn’t until 1928 that they beat their rival for the first time. For nearly 20 years, Georgia would either beat Florida or tie them, but by 1955 they had not beaten them in seven tries and they were looking to change that. It was finally at a home game on November 9th that Georgia got their win against Florida with a final score of 14-6.

4. Michigan-Ohio State

The Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is considered one of the fiercest in all of collegiate football Michigan and Ohio State have met a total of 94 times on the football field. Along with the Rose Bowl Game, this particular college rivalry has also been one of the more significant rivalries in NCAA history.

3. Harvard-Yale

The Harvard-Yale football rivalry is one of the most famous and heated in all of college football. The two schools have been playing each other annually since 1875, but the series was not considered an official athletic rivalry until 1899. The teams played to a tie in 1899, and then Yale won the next 12 games before Harvard finally beat Yale in 1920 by a score of 10-0. Since that time, Harvard has beaten Yale six times and lost four times. Harvard’s longest win streak is five games from 1920 to 1925.

2. Florida-Florida State

One of the most heated rivalries in college football is Florida-Florida State. This rivalry dates back to 1958 when the two schools first met on the field. The two schools are neighbors and are only separated by 100 miles. These two teams have met each year since then, with Florida winning the majority of these games. The intensity of this rivalry has been a topic of conversation for years, but it reached a new level in 2005 when Florida won a close game by one point. After that game, FSU head coach Bobby Bowden said “I can’t stand those people.” This rivalry is one that every college football fan needs to see at least once in their lifetime.


The Stanford Cardinal and the California Golden Bears are two of the most successful football teams in the Pac-12 conference. The rivalry between these two teams has been going on since 1892, with Stanford dominating the series. The rivalry is one of the oldest in college football history, and it is one of the best. Though they have not played each other this season, they will meet again in 2020.