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Alec Bohm

Is 2022 The Breakout Season for Alec Bohm?

This post was most recently updated on September 13th, 2022

Baseball is one of the most exciting and enthralling games. Its passion, nerve-racking moments, and competitiveness set the bar quite high. And for that reason, it has a strong fan base. Be sure to check the schedule of your favorite team, such as the Mets schedule, and to never miss a game by attending any other event.

Along with the fans, the players are also incredible. They do everything to maintain their position and status quo throughout their career. Every player follows a strict pathway. From being drafted to play in the MiLB and then moving to MLB, and staying there. It takes time to move from Minor League Baseball to Major League Baseball. However, for Philadelphia Phillies’ third baseman, Alec Bohm, things have been different.

He got drafted in 2018 and sent to MiLB to hone his skills. When he was performing great at the Minor League Baseball matches, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the process. After the MiLB season was canceled, Alec Bohm got a quick chance to play in the MLB, replacing injured Adam Haseley.

He played brilliantly. However, he continued making errors throughout the last season. This resulted in him being sent back to the Minor League Baseball. It is surprising for a player to come from MiLB so swiftly for MLB and then be sent back to the Minor League Baseball. Alec Bohm was the everyday third baseman for Philadelphia Phillies.

After all, this, does Alec Bohm has a chance of breaking out of the last season’s mistakes? Let’s find out!

Glimpse to Alec Bohm College and Professional Careers

While studying at Roncalli Catholic High School, Alec Bohm avoided being selected in the 2015 MLB drafts. Instead, he chose to go to Wichita State Shockers to hone his baseball skills.

College Career

Hit a fierce home run in his first at the bat. It’s the highlight of Bohm at Wichita State. Since the start, Alec Bohm was known for his incredible smashing offensive capabilities. During his freshman year, he had 6 home runs and 30 RBIs. Collegiate Baseball Newspaper then awarded him with “First-Team Freshman All-American Honor”.

During sophomore year, it was expected that Alec Bohm will rule the game. However, his batting average slummed. He finished the year with 11 home runs, 16 RBIs, 3 doubles, and 9 runs. Bohm’s junior year was sensational. He was back in form with dedication. He concluded the year with 55 RBIs, 14 doubles, 57 runs, and 16 home runs. He was named “Second-Team All-American Honor” by Baseball America. However, during his junior year, he committed 14 errors with a fielding percentage of 0.899 in his junior year.

Minor League Era

Alec Bohm was drafted in 2018 by the Philadelphia Phillies for a signing bonus of $5.85 million. The director of the team sent Bohm to follow the farm system approach to reach the top.

Bohm started playing in the minor league season in 2018 with a bang. With 6 hits and 2 RBIs, he remained highlighted. After playing three games, Alec Bohm got promoted to Class A Short Season Williamsport Crosscutters. Phillies planned that Bohm will have the absolute best rank in the farm system by the end of 2018. However, a knee injury interrupted the whole idea.

After coming back, Bohm made 12 RBIs with 5 doubles in 29 games. The 2019 season was also great for him in the MiLB. He was ranked at number 50 prospect by in 2019. Alec Bohm made 9 doubles, 3 home runs, and 11 RBIs. This in fact promoted him to Class A Advanced Clearwater Threshers. With 27 RBIs in 40 games, Bohm again got promoted to the Double A Reading Phillies stage.

The 2019 season ended with brilliance for Alec Bohm. The 2020 Minor League Baseball matches, however, were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Major League Era

In 2021, Alec Bohm got a golden opportunity to become a part of Major League Baseball. He was called up to fill the position of injured Adam Haseley. On the day of his debut, Bohm scored a double in his first at bat. This caused a stir among the fans, ready to take Alec Bohm by storm. The 2021 Topps Heritage collectible cards also featured him.

Alec Bohm displayed mature offensive and defensive play against the Atlanta Braves. But things started getting bad when Bohm started committing errors. He missed many defensive plays and made a total of 7 errors in the 2021 season. His batting average also fell miserably.

Bohm was struggling as the third baseman and in July 2021, he was surprisingly removed from the game against Boston Red Sox. Later, it was revealed that Alec Bohm got removed due to COVID-19 protocols. He tested positive for the virus.

After recovering from the virus, Alec Bohm was sent to Triple A Lehigh Valley to polish his offensive and defensive skills. This demotion and being sent back to Minor League Baseball seasons is an alert for Bohm to straighten out his existing issues.

Can 2022 Be the Breakout Season for Alec Bohm?

After analyzing the spectacular performance of Alec Bohm in the MiLB, there were a lot of positive expectations for him. However, his rookie season for him was an utter disappointment. He started with a high, which went all down the hill later on. His first full season was disastrous in every way.

But Bohm did flash some serious skills at the plate during the 2021 season. These may prove as a chance of breakout for him. Throughout the season, he did hit the ball pretty hard consistently. His average exit velocity was 89. The maximum exit velocity measured was 82. And the hard-hit percentile was recorded at 90%.

He struggled to hit throughout the season because the ball didn’t go in the air. Many leading players are known to make adjustments to their swing. If Alec Bohm adjusts his swing and throws the ball in the air, his power potential will also significantly increase.

He is an impressive player overall. With little changes and eliminated errors, there are vital chances of 2022 being the breakout season for Alec Bohm.

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