Seeing a Counseling Therapist for Depression

Seeing a Counseling Therapist for Depression

If you are feeling anxious or you are depressed it is important to seek help from an expert. As well possibly taking medications to help you should also seek the help of a counseling therapist in Manasquan NJ who can help you with learning skills of management and identifying things that might be contributing to your poor mental health and helping with those. Here are some other things you can do as well as seeing a professional for help with depression.

Record your emotions and learn to identify them

Something that can help is to start recording your emotions to better understand what it is you are feeling. Hopelessness, defeat, sadness, helplessness, worthlessness? Sometimes when we are experiencing strong negative emotions we block them out because recognizing and identifying the pain can initially be more painful, and because of feeling afraid of what it means. Using a diary or journal of some kind, whether a physical one or something digital, is a good way to get these things out and record your thoughts and feelings. When you see a counseling therapist in Shrewsbury NJ they may encourage you to record such things and to bring it with you to your sessions.

Listen to your therapist and make a genuine effort to do the assignments they set you

When you find and see a counseling therapist in Manasquan NJ or where you are, you should do your best to follow their direction when they give you assignments or things to do when you are not talking with them. Just because they ask you to do something that you find very hard does not mean you do not do it. There is a reason it is hard and a reason they want you to keep trying until you are more able. It is all to your benefit and to help your mental and emotional well-being. For example, when asked to keep a journal on your emotions it may be that you stare at a blank page and have a block at first on what to write. Gradually though if you keep challenging yourself you can get past this. A lack of confidence and feelings of inadequacy are common in people who are depressed or need counseling and even if the information you give is that you found something very hard, is a place for the therapist to consider and help you with.

Worrying about what others will think of your mental state is a common concern

It is also common in such cases to be concerned about what other people think of you, about people finding out you are depressed or in need of therapy. There is shame in the need to seek professional help and many people avoid it for years. A counseling therapist in Shrewsbury NJ can help you work through these feelings, they talk to you in complete confidence and hopefully help you be kinder to yourself.

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