The best Onion Mesh Bags in China

The best Onion Mesh Bags in China

 For packing onions, ginger, potatoes, onions, peppers, citrus, pineapples, and many other agricultural products, onion mesh bags, sometimes known as onion sacks, are frequently used. Another term for it is an onion net bag. To allow for airflow, they built onion net bags with mesh openings. The main advantage is that airflow keeps the items fresh. It is designed to store onions in onion net bags. Numerous bag varieties vary in mesh density, color, drawstring presence or absence, and other features.

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Good caliber :  Onion mesh bags made for onions are a great packing idea. The products stay fresh because of their capacity to breathe. The practical and flexible onion mesh bags are of high quality and enable the transportation of objects weighing more than 80 kg.

Reusable : They kept products safe and brand-new for a long time in onion mesh bags. They are extremely washable and recyclable. These Leno mesh bags are ideal for keeping potatoes because of their capacity to support a lot of weight. They are available in a variety of appealing designs that make it simple to see the product from the inside, enabling you to rapidly assess the performance of your products. Additionally, packaging veggies in bags might help keep food fresh. These bags significantly reduced the energy expenses of refrigeration systems.

There are options for custom logos: They can produce wholesale onion bags to the highest possible quality standards with a great deal of flexibility and capacity. It is feasible to transport objects weighing more than 80 kg. It is praised for its enhanced quality and transparency as well. These wholesale onion bags have good usability and washability and can maintain freshness and nutrition for a long time. They also come in a variety of attractive models.

Low Price : These wholesale mesh onion bags can keep things secure and clean for a very long time. They decreased the price of the packaging by the onion sacks’ lower density. Onion bags can also be washed and repurposed. There are several lovely colors available for these bags.

How to Select Storage Bags for Onions : If you want to buy the ideal mesh bag, you must initially take into account four factors that are appropriate for you. These are the four items:

1. Resilience.

2. Size

3. Quantity

4. Color.


Space is saved by using onion mesh bags. I offer better protection when things are shipped in 25 lb. onion bags. Corrugated cardboard boxes, on the other hand, can stop fruits and vegetables from getting kneaded and bumped. Bags made of onion mesh are very stretchy. In general, I can stretch onion mesh bags quite a bit. So you don’t have to be concerned about the plastic onion sacks being damaged while in use. Corrugated cardboard boxes, on the other hand, are not waterproof and tend to get flimsy when it rains. Additionally, the sealing of produce in cardboard boxes hastens the rate of deterioration. Bags made of onion mesh are effective at preventing this issue. learn more

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