What Causes Allergies at Home

What Causes Allergies at Home

This post was most recently updated on September 13th, 2022

Allergies are also called allergic diseases, a collection of issues caused by the immune system’s hypersensitivity to harmless substances in the environment. The most common causes of allergies include mold and dust, and you should incorporate 20x20x1 air filters into your AC for the best results.

When a person comes into contact with an allergen, the immune system overacts as the body treats it like a harmful substance. The most common causes of allergies at home are;

  1. Linens

You are advised to buy linens that have a hypoallergenic label when shopping for pillowcases and sheets. Homeowners should buy beddings made using fibers instead of other materials as they induce allergies. You can also consider using a plastic cover on your mattress to provide an additional protection layer.

  • Laundry

You are advised to clean your linens and bedding regularly using hot water to eliminate dust mites. It would help if you dried them correctly to stop mold growth. Most people prefer to dry their clothes on a cloth line, but you are advised to stick to the dryer.

  • Air Circulation Systems

Poorly maintained air circulation systems are also top causes of allergies at home. Homeowners should ensure clean air flows through their system to avoid unwanted diseases. The filter should be changed after four months to make sure the air remains pure.

You are also warned against using fans because they only circulate dust particles and other contaminants on your premises. However, the exhaust fan is an exemption since it purifies the air and eliminates moisture which causes mold.

  • Humidity and Temperature

Dust mites are common in humid and warm environments, and you can stop them from growing by keeping your home dry and cool. To achieve this, turn your thermostat on, and eliminate excess moisture using a dehumidifier as it limits mold growth.

It is also possible to monitor your home’s temperature using a hygrometer.  

  • Housekeeping

The easiest way to keep allergies at bay is through consistent housekeeping. You are advised to vacuum your home regularly and focus on places with high traffic for the best results. Homeowners can also use vacuums incorporated with a HEPA and empty their contents before it gets full.

Also, consider wiping your table and counter surfaces using a damp cloth to eliminate dust or debris buildup.

  • Small Spaces and Cracks

Even the tiniest small spaces and cracks can make way for allergens in your home. They also let insects in and the vermin they carry. Homeowners are advised to seal any openings in their property to ensure no unwanted visitors get access.

They should also install screens for doors and windows to prevent allergens from accessing their home.

  • Bathroom Mold

The bathroom is one place in your home where you are likely to find mold. You are advised to give the shower and tub good bleaching and scrubbing to prevent allergies.

Final Thoughts

Allergies are also known as allergic diseases and are caused by several things, including laundry, linen, and faulty air ventilation systems. The above article has discussed its top causes, and you can reach out for more information.

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