What to Bring to a Boudoir Photoshoot?

What to Bring to a Boudoir Photoshoot?

Why You Should Travel More

Why You Should Travel More

This post was most recently updated on September 13th, 2022

You have heard the term “Boudoir Session,” but you still wonder what it is. Maybe you wonder if you should get a boudoir photography Vancouver photographer to have one done. Well, for starters, the photography session is when you wear sexy outfits from dresses to lingerie.

You can do a boudoir session for many reasons, and that reason is a secret for you to know. But before you head out to have a boudoir session done, you need to gather a few things before your photography session. So here are some tips on what you should take along.

It is your first boudoir photo shoot, and you do not know what to pack. No need to stress as we have everything here for you that you need to take along. The important thing is to have fun while exploring your sensual side. So, stop worrying about the little things and enjoy focusing on yourself. Now, grab your bag and get the items inside and get moving.

  1. Pack Sexy Lingerie 

If you do not mind daring to go bear, black lingerie will make you ooze with some sex appeal. Alternatively, wear sheer white floral lace. You can give off some angelic vibes. No matter which you choose, it will help to frame your form, and sexy lingerie always boosts while highlighting your curves and confidence in the right place.

A professional tip for Nashville boudoir photography is for you to wear what you feel comfortable in.You do not need to feel pressured wearing anything that bears too much if you feel uncomfortable. When you’re happy with what you wear, the body does the rest confidently. So, strut and slay without caring about anything in the world.

  1. Pack Your High Heels 

High heels scream sexy, and you become irresistible with a pair of killer stilettos and your lingerie. The right high heels help compliment your bum, bust, and legs. You can play around with different high heels, including ones with straps on the heel to give a seductive look to set the pulse racing.

  1. Stocking is a Must 

Stocking shouts sophistication and class. You can wear fishnets to be playful and cheeky. Throw some suspender belts into the mix for a retro glamour and vintage feel. The important thing is to do whatever fits in with your style. You will become the center of attention.

  1. Added Accessories 

If you feel diamonds are a girl’s best friend, put on your bling to feel like a million dollars. Let your imagination run wild, and bring along statement pieces you like. Whether a satin scarf or a faux fur coat, bring what makes you feel comfortable. It can even be your man’s favourite shirt.

  1. Add a Personal Item

If you plan to gift your boudoir shoot to someone special, then take along something with personal value. It can be a pyjama set or a shirt. These items make you feel comfortable during the shoot. Hence, your photo shoot becomes intimate and playful. Also, wearing something with a familiar smell eases your nerves, reminding you what you love about that person.

  1. Are You Soon to be Married 

Take along a bridal piece for your photo shoot to surprise your soon-to-be partner. Take a bridal part you will wear on your big day. It can be your wedding heels, veil, the tiara. When you look at the pictures, you will never forget the feeling of looking sexy, like a queen swept off her feet.

  1. Take Your Sewing Kit Along

The taking along of a sewing kit might sound strange, but you need to be prepared. Lingerie is a delicate thing that can rip with a slight tug. You do not want your wardrobe malfunctioning in achieving the best boudoir photos. All you need is a small sewing kit to take along.

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Now that the checklist is sorted, the things you can take along, the vital thing to remember is to feel sexy, sensual, and have fun. Furthermore, if you have not planned a boudoir photo shoot yet, Mateus Studios would love to help you create one. So get in contact with us today.

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